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Drones , Quadcopter, RF awareness, Space, theories of creation, the big picture, connectivity of the tiny.


Don't worry if you dont see what this site is all about or understand what it can do for you. At the moment all it is , is an introductory glimpse at the layout and page plan I am considering. I will fill this with another connection to my online presence in due course, but right now I have to focus my time elsewhere, so as a "customer2s site, it doesnt offer anything apart from filling boxes with some content to see wat it looks like.

This will link to my ebay if I have items for sale

Some Random advert . . .


Rather than seeing a page filled with latin, I prefer to see what a bit of text will look like if it makes sense. This is probably a good place to show the items for sale above or a text description of the item..

Promote a friends advert


Know someone who wants a bit of a leg up in googles search pages or want to promote your friends' project, recomend, give praise to . . .


Plenty of room here to do so..

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